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Ocean View Real Estate Photography - Impact Your clients!

Baja VT is one of the unique providers of ocean view real estate photography. We specialize in capturing ocean views so you can show off your property and impact your potential clients.

In addition, we are one of the leaders in providing ocean view 360 real estate photography. Excellent view homes, usually are married to excellent details and amenities. Your potential clients will see the relationship between the indoor living spaces and the outdoors amenities as they see up, down, and all around the 360 panoramic scene!

Baja Open House is a real estate brokerage who had done a marvelous job in promoting Baja Real Estate, and they focused on using ocean view and 360 real estate photography.

360 Real Estate Photography has Many Uses!

  • Ocean View or Ocean Front Real Estate - See Views through the windows!
  • Apartment Communities and Amenities!
  • Real Estate Development Projects - Single Family Homes!
  • Real Estate Development Projects - Condominiums!
  • Restaurants!
  • Hotels - Rooms and Amenities!
  • Hospitals!
  • Theaters - Seat locations!
  • Stadiums - Seat locations!
  • Vacation Rentals with views!

No Small Low Quality Virtual Tours!

  • We are not a cheap, mass quantity producer of virtual tours.
  • We do not recommend a cheap virtual tour, not even for cheap real estate agents!
  • We only offer high quality - full screen - 360 virtual tours with a simple user interface!
  • Please visit as many other virtual tour company websites as you can so you can see the difference!

Ocean View 360 Real Estate Photography has Unique challenges!

Photography is much different then real estate photography, and real estate photography is much different then ocean view real estate photography, while the most challenging yet is 360 ocean view real estate photography.

With a 360 panorama image, the lighting issues are in the round, and not just in front of the camera. The full room has to be considered before a successful shoot can take place. These challenges are even more pronounced with ocean view homes as the windows facing the views are usually very large, allowing in too much light for the camera lense, including both direct light and light reflections off the ocean.

Our 360 Panorama Scenes are shot with Cameras, not Video!

Many think that 360 panoramas are shot with a video camera, while in fact, traditionally, there are shot with a still image camera. The images are stitched together using the professional software specifically written to handle this task.

Our style of impactful 360 real estate photography starts with excellent photography. The images are then brought into photo editing programs, not limited to photoshop, and further worked on to deliver a more visual pleasing panoramic image. We don't adjust our images so much that they begin to look fake or unreal, we only touch up the images enough to keep them looking natural.

Lastly, there is the programming. The panoramic image and user interface are delivered using Javascript, XML, html, and Flash if you choose, for it to run on your client's computers.

All these tasks are important, and require a professional workflow. There is no one stop software that can take you from start to finish to produce top quality results. We use many different professional software titles to deliver the results we expect of ourselves; results that define our quality.

It is this very reason why there are so few 360 panorama artists, and hardly any photographers that specialize in 360 ocean view real estate photography.


Support for Your Sales Team!

  • Your sales team can easily convince more clients about the quality of your property with 360 high quality immersive panoramas.
  • Images do not sell. A high quality 360 immersive panorama does not hide anything, and clients know it. Let your clients sell themselves.

How much each one Costs!

Details, Pricing, and Samples!

New 2010 Samples!

360 Panorama Ocean View Real Estate Photography!

360 Ocean view Luxury Condo!

Ocean Front Real Estate Photography

2009 Samples in Flash!

360 Ocean view Panoramas, and Ocean View Real Estate Photography!

360 Ocean view Panoramas!

Ocean Front Real Estate Photography

All Ocean view Panoramas!

Rural Real Estate Photography!

360 Ocean view Panoramas!

Rural Real Estate Photography!
All 2009 Projects will now be delivered using Flash as shown in the samples above!

My Old Projects - See My History!

Flash Sample!
360 Panoramas!

Pictures Sample!
Flash Slide Show!

Java Sample!
Custom Buttons!


You Get This with Baja VT!:

  • See through the windows. Your clients will be able to see the most important view. Show your clients the ocean, bay, mountain, or city street view, and why your property is so valuable.

  • Fullscreen 360 panorama virtual tours for high impact and much better communication of your property to your potential client.

  • A simple user interface! Your users will not be confronted with a complicated user interface.

  • The 360 panorama virtual tour will open with one click, and will not have to navigate through options to actually get the 360 scene to display.

  • Your clients will see the highest quality and largest panorama images, with the shortest download times.

  • 360° Panoramic Scenes where your client can look straigth up and down, left and right.

  • Create Floor Plans with links to 360 Virtual Tours and Images!

  • Java or Flash, or Java and Flash.

Who to Contact?

Mario Restrepo
PO Box 531588
San Diego, CA 92153


Vacation Rentals

Landlords and Property Managers must use 360 Virtual Tours!
  • Spend less time answering renter questions!
  • Stop selling your vacation rental, let your virtual tour do that job for you!
  • VRBO and Vacation Rentals compatible!

Let's face it, vacation rentals take tons of time. Potential renters ask so many questions because they are uncertain as to what they are really renting. Potential renters have fears and doubts about their vacation time and dollars! A virtual tour answers a lot of these questions, takes away much of their doubt, and gives you back your time!


Frequently Asked Questions about Baja Virtual Tours

  • How do I prepare my property for the shoot?
  • Who will need to be present at the time of shoot?
  • How do we pay?
and many more questions and answers...

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